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What is meditation anyway?

Updated: May 11, 2020

There are countless scientific reports showing that meditation has been proven to help alleviate stress after just eight weeks of a regular practice. There are even physical benefits, such as increased immunity and relief from IBS, it can also alleviate pain and much much more. There is no doubt now that if you aren't meditating in one way or another, you are missing out on some really exciting benefits.

I believe that regular meditation is essential for Calm Beautiful living. Meditation is not a word I use actually. I prefer "connect" or "recharge" or "re-centre". Connecting/meditating to me is more than relaxation, it's time to connect with the Source, a divine Energy, my inner guidance system, mother nature or the Universe. If this is something you want to explore and experience then there are a couple of easy ways to try it out below.

Visulalisation is so powerful as we know. So we use this technique to connect to source or creator or what ever you believe that divine intelligence to be, it doesn't matter. What matters is you believe there is divine intelligence and a bigger energy source that connects us all. So sit with you legs uncrossed and breath in through your nose for four seconds and out through the mouth for five or six seconds. Do this a few times to relax, don't worry about the monkey mind, it will jump from here to there and the random thoughts and persistent thoughts will gradually lessen or they just won't bother you so much after a while.

When you are ready, try to visualise your own energy as light. Imagine it around you and within you as a warm glowing white or gold tinted light. Imagine this for a while as you take a few more breaths.

Then imagine linking your energy so it can flow like the waves of the sea with the energy in the room, then the energy in the room becoming one with yours, then imagine this energy merging with the energy of the country you are in, then the planet, then the universe and all the stars and galaxies. Then finally imagine the light energy merging with the lights of the universe and vibrate with the love and light that connects us all. This process may take 5 minutes, 10 or even 20, what ever feels calm and right for you don't rush and don't worry if you aren't getting clear visualisations. The intention and showing up is what matters. Then simply breath and smile.

Plugging into the Source in this way will top up your energy and vitality and reconnect you to calm. This connection recharges your whole being and also strengthens your resilience, opens creativity and develops will power.

You might like to try this with some support from the sacred OM sound

Or this amazing yoga meditation track I use very often

Another simple idea if you have a few minutes to "connect" is a "Sunrise method" - Imagine you are sitting on the beach and it's early in the morning and the sun is beginning to rise. As you watch the sunrise, notice the the colours, pink, red, and orange spreading across the sky and expanding to the landscape around you warming it up and glowing. As everything around you glows and shines you notice you two are feeling the warmth of the sun rays, they penetrate your body giving you a sense of warmth and inner peace. Sit back and enjoy the calm beauty of the sunrise. You can also design your own idea! Play around with what ever visualisation brings you joy and peace and makes you feel connected and expansive. These feelings of contentment may be fleeting at first and it could be you don't feel much at first. However, keep going, do it anyway and you will feel the rewards and subtly feel your connection strengthening with your commitment to the practice. As always get in touch if I can support in anyway.

“Drum sound rises on the air, its throb, my heart.

A voice inside the beat says, "I know you're tired, but come. This is the way.”

Much love xx

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