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Keeping calm around the corona crisis

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

I thought I would write this blog today after being reminded by the strap line, that "We are strongest when we are calm". This really is important at the moment as it applies to our immune systems too.

I think we all feel a little helpless and fearful at the moment with the appearance of a new highly contagious virus. I wanted to share a few thing we CAN DO everyday to help build and maintain our immune systems.

In this blog I want to focus on things we can do not what we can't. Of course we need to follow all the advice from our respective governments and stick to all instructions and guides from our medical bodies, this goes without saying. However in addition to this, we can start activity doing things to help our immunity stay strong and to take control of our own well being. A calm state of mind and a strong immune system not only means we have more chance of fighting a virus, but it can mean we have lesser symptoms if we do get one and fight them off faster.. So....

No 1: We are what we eat, it's been shown that up to 70% of the immunity we have starts in the gut. So eat well and eat smart, plenty of fresh veg and fruit and less white bread, white grains and processed foods. Also use a good quality probiotic, but if this is too expensive I often just eat natural bio yogurts and make sure I support my gut. It's perhaps unrealistic to say "stop eating all sugar", but you should try to reduce it. Be mindful and perhaps switch up to a darker chocolate and no sweets etc. Virus's love sugars so don't feed them! Eat whole foods (food from the ground and in their natural form, not packaged and processed), get your Omega 3, drink plenty of water and herbal teas, reduce coffee and when possible eat only organic meat and dairy (also reduce how much meat and dairy you eat). Also its hard at the moment but make sure we don't get in the habit of drinking too much, it's easy done at the moment as we are all on lock down. A good tip is to set an activity that happens at "drink O'Clock" so instead of having a drink you would do a meditation or write an email to someone or go for your one walk in the evening. Of course enjoy the odd glass of vino too if you want and can, its all about balance after all.

No 2: Make sure you are getting Vitamin C, Zinc and your vitamin D too. Chat to your doctor about this and check your levels. Be careful not to over do the Vitamin D of course.

No. 3: Get exercise everyday, brisk walks, swimming, or circuit training, I love the 12 minute athlete as I can do her sessions at home in the lounge or where ever I am (and kids join in or watch and laugh) its a win win. Try to do something everyday - exercise boosts our immunity and our mental outlook. Of course chat with doctor of you have any conditions that make exercise dangerous and find the right plan for you. Yoga is always a winner and you can do this anywhere and at anytime.

No: 4: Stress reduction :) Now this is so important and the reason I do what I do. Stress, worry and anxiety increase our likelihood of being ill = FACT. Stress not only increases susceptibility to new viral infections but also renders an individual more vulnerable to the reactivation of latent viruses within the body. So we need to stay calm and contented folks so please take a few minutes to try this guided meditation with me and do this when you wake up and before you sleep to help boost your life energy and defence systems.

Also its so important to have a laugh, get funny movies on and turn the news off once in a while. Call a friend that makes you chuckle and play with your kids. Laughter reduces stress hormones and increases the ones we love like Oxytocin and Endorphins. A calmer happier you is a healthier you, so lets focus on that :)

No. 5: Rest when you need and sleep well. Number 4 is the best help for this, a daily meditation practice makes sleep soooo much better - please do try it. Also if you don't have time for a power nap a quick guided meditation session recharges your energy like nothing else. I will be putting some more guided mediations up on the site very soon that you can put on your phone or laptop and listen with your earphones while relaxing in a chair or on the train or in bed. However for now try the one above.

This along with no caffeine after 4pm if possible and no technology after 7pm is a great great start. Also write down what is stressing you on a pad of next to your bed and once you have written it, let it go, also never go to bed on an argument.

No 6. Essential oils have incredible relaxing and restorative properties, I LOVE Doterra and Niels Yard and a Swiss brand called Farfalla. Lavender is known for its properties to aid in restful sleep, you can combine the slow breathing technique (Check out the "Just Breath" blog) for a few minutes before bed and wish it rub a couple of drops of lavender in between your palms and deep breath in its aroma for a few breaths then continue to breath for a few minutes. Also put lavender on the soles of your feet with a carrier oil or drop a couple of drops on your pillow. You can also use things like frankincense and Chamomile roman or geranium to calm and balance before mediations.

No 7. Finally use affirmations. tell yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning to set your mind set and outlook for the day. If you forget in the morning, no worries, do them anytime and as many times as possible during the day. Affirmations help re-program the subconscious to serve you in this time. A few ideas are:

"I am strong and my immune system is strong"

"I am immune to propaganda and collective panic"

"I am calm and strong and worthy of having perfect health"

"I am powerful and full of vitality and light"

"My Body is full of love and light"

I hope this helps you get in a groove of calm and please keep it up as this daily practice is what re-sets your systems to operate in a more efficient and healthy way - helping keep the viruses away :)

Much love xx

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1 Comment

Elsie Marin
Elsie Marin
Apr 27, 2020

the serenity, fabulous energy and calmness you have transmitted has made my evening, and most certainly will become part of my daily routine. bless you and never stop being you.

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