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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Do you remember the way your grandmother always had a random cure for sickness bugs and a strange tea or herbal blend for colds? They were in many ways, far more connected with Mother Nature than we are. We are now a couple of generations away from when intuition-based healing still had a place. I have decided to write this DR YOU blog on a regular basis to hopefully remind all of us that we are all healers and can influence our health and wellbeing in a massive way.

Our inner healing system knows intuitively what to do, if you learn how to tune in to it – we are all natures “survivors” in many ways, and can all access our most powerful sense; intuition. You have the power; you just need to remember how to tap into it.

DR YOU is not about replacing medicine or healing modalities, on the contrary, conventional modern medicine is one of the biggest healing miracles of our time. However, when you are honest with yourself, how many times have you popped a headache pill immediately before you ask yourself “why do I have a headache? Have I drank water today? Have I eaten something? am I sleeping enough? Modern medicine is wonderful and long live the GP but I believe that with some attention and nurturing of our inner healer (DR YOU) we could all save the poor NHS and medical professionals hours, days and weeks of time. We also can assist our own healing and recovery by supporting the work of our doctors and surgeons, speed up our healing time after an operation, decrease the need to worry so much and learn that hand in hand we can work WITH our bodies, minds and doctors to aid our own wellbeing on every level……

For me it’s about a collection of tried and tested ideas, philosophies and practices that create a new way of life that works in parallel with the modern world and reduce the number of annual trips to the pharmacy and doctor. Imagine having confidence in your intuition and realising that you can help restore and maintain balance in your body and mind. By doing this, we support the health service by taking back some responsibility for our own well-being and that of our family. This has huge knock on effects, for example it can shorten recovery time from disease and illness, reduce time off from work thus reducing economic strain on families and increases overall optimism and creativity. This way of thinking helps our sense of community and connectivity that we so need in this day and age and can result in a reduction in people searching for healing and “belonging” in all the wrong places.

By feeling more connected to yourself and your world, you take more care of your environment and the environment as you start to realise we effect it and it us.

The Dr You philosophy benefits your family, your community and the planet.

The DR YOU “way of life” I’m talking about is not some far our modality that will have you concocting spells while chanting under a full moon (but feel free too if that's what your intuition tells you to do ) it’s about finding and trusting your intuition, you are the most powerful custom made receiver of powerful healing for YOU. So let’s learn how to switch that power back on.

Life is fun, when you remember that it can be and should be.

I believe there is an infinite source that runs through and US all of us, we are expressions of this energy and this energy has intelligence. I don't claim to understand how exactly this works, but I know it to be true from experience and knowledge I have learned and practiced. So, we need to simply know this, and to know this you need to have a bit of an open mind and heart, then practice tuning in then practice some more.


It may benefit you to learn a modality such as TM, Reiki or Theta healing or to do this alone by simply getting quiet on a daily basis. There are now so many online meditations, tools, APPs all sorts, the way you do it is not what matters, what matters is PRACTICE there is no shortcut to success. Daily practice opens the door to DR YOU. This is Lesson 1 and the MOST IMPORTANT. There are guided meditations on my website and there are more to come too.

I am so passionate about this I believe schools should have a daily mindfulness class, that should be given as high priority as math’s and English. With increasing anxiety, depression, addiction and all mental health issues in children it is essential we change our educational system to give children a means of self-BALANCING this fast-paced digital age that is cultivating sickness in many forms.

Education is about giving children tools for life, preparing them for life, how can anyone be a successful lawyer, doctor, mother, business man, artist, computer analyst or economist if he or she suffers from anxiety and addiction that one day can stop him or her even leaving the house?? Surely a school should teach LIFE lessons, the tool that allows you to master the mind is the most precious tool a school can teach.

This would result in a HUGE drop in suicide, depression, prescriptions, dependency on the system, criminal activity. I could go on but I won’t, David Lynch is a massive force in this area, helping bring transcendental meditation to schools, prisons and to people everywhere from Hollywood actors to inmates in small local prisons, everyone needs peace of mind.

So I ask you today, how would you feel about taking back control of your well-being? I hope you will start your journey today and I look forward to chatting more next week when I will introduce the next step in the Dr You adventure.

Please do get in touch with me if you have any questions or want any info at all.

Love and Light

Claire xx

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