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Intuition, the real super power - Dr YOU chapter 2

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Intuition is becoming more and more of a buzz word but what exactly is it? And how do you find "yours"? Well, I am no expert but what I have picked up on the way I will of course share with you as I promised to always do in the pages of Calm Beautiful You.

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." Steve Jobs

The thing is, intuition is crucial, intuition is our inner guidance system. I believe it's what connects us to each other and to our planet and universe so it's an essential tool for calm, beautiful living. Intuitive living means you can live in an expansive way, feeling part of all that is, feeling connected and feeling empowered. When your intuitive muscle is toned and most importantly used daily, it really is our true super power. Intuition is the reason you have a feeling to do or not to do something, it's a gut feeling, it's that hunch that bypasses conscious reasoning, it's also an instinctive reasoning that was used for our protection in times gone by. Intuition is creative, it's true knowing on a cellular level. I also believe our disconnect from intuition and the creative collective wisdom is the route cause of the pain and division we face in this world and the reason we are killing our mother earth (but that's another blog...)

Most successful people have a strong sixth sense or “intuition” and they use it. We develop our own sixth sense over time and with experience and wisdom and attention, it grows. It is hugely valuable for helping us to make better decisions about everything we do in life, family and business. You can call it intuition, call it gut instinct, it doesn't really matter. What we do know is if you learn to tap in and trust your intuition you will make better choices for you, your business and your life. You will perhaps avoid disastrous choices and situations, you will enjoy more synergy, flow and joy and you will see opportunity where others don’t and creativity becomes your normal state. Imagine this! You can actually switch it on and off and call on it when you are facing a tough decision - isn't that cool! perhaps the most important thing now is you will learn how to navigate the world with ease and grace and feel less emotionally attached to outcomes, knowing they are right for you, for example a relationship that may have been “lost” that in reality would have been awful for you in the long term. You have a new peace of mind. One thing is for sure, by tuning your intuitive muscle you will feel more connected and that you belong where you are and are valuable.

So how do we harness our intuition and create more synchronicity, creativity, expansion and connection in our lives? We all want some of this, right?!!


1 - Make a conscious choice out load to open the mind and be willing to let go of limiting beliefs that make you think “you can’t be intuitive”. Actively assure yourself you are as we are all, intuitive beings. Intuition is a sense you own, it's your birth right and it's totally possible to live an intuitive life. When you hear a negative narrative about yourself, pause, make space and choose another thought. Make this a morning mantra "I am open to hearing my intuition, I live easily in flow with my intuition guiding me through, I am safe".

2 - Make it a practice to make space, stop the mental chatter now and again, pause. Learn to pause at every encounter big or small and start to notice how you feel not what you think. Ask for inner guidance and expect an answer and trust one will come, with an open mind and heart.

3 - Stop judging just notice what you feel and observe and acknowledge.

4 - Look back at experiences, good and bad without attachment with the objective of seeing them and learning – creative and cultivate wisdom.

5 - Of course intuition doesn't take the place of logic and business sense and clear "writing is on the wall stuff" but when you take time to reflect on a new idea, project or an opportunity that is presented to you, sit down and do all the normal “work” (can I afford it? do I have time? is there a market etc etc) but then ask “how do I feel about this” and listen to your gut not your head and include this response in your analysis. Give your intuition the RESPECT it deserves.

6 - Of course the most obvious one and the one that really takes some daily commitment but is well worth it when you see the results. We need to create daily time for a reflective quiet meditation, time out for contemplation, to chew over thoughts, feelings and ideas and create space in your mind however you want to. Make this time sacred and choose to do it daily to tune this muscle called intuition. This is the time you start to hear your voice and you will get to love it, to trust it and realise its a unique communication stream to you. This is hard to explain but you will know what I mean when you start to hear your unique guidance system.

We all have this extraordinary skill - intuition, instinct, six sense, whatever you want to call. The more we listen to it, the easier it is to hear and the better the decisions we will make, in every part of our life. The more we push it away, the harder it is to hear and from my experience, the quality of our decisions reflects this. ( ANDREW GRIFFITHS, SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR AND AUTHOR)

One key part of wisdom I have learned from the years I have chosen and practiced an intuitive life it to trust the process. You might think its impossible, far out or just plain bonkers but I beg you - just give it a go. Have a little faith that perhaps there is something more to this magical world that what you know already. Go on! I dare you....

Much love and please get in touch and let me know your thoughts and any other ways I can help you. We are all in this together xxx

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