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A place to find inspiration, connection and to access your inner calm. 

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Calm Beautiful You

You are strongest when you are calm
Meet Claire

I'm really excited to announce the release of this guided meditation on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. in the next few days. Additionally, I have decided to make this track available on my website (see below) as it is so important at this time that everyone has access to highly effective tools to stay calm and release anxiety.

Meet Claire

My passion in life is to help people find sustainable balance, joy and contentment. I believe that we are much more in control of our life experience than we think. In this hyperactive and technology driven world we have become so overstimulated and disconnected from our inner guidance systems, we no longer function in a healthy way. Most of us have forgotten the basics of what we are and what we need. 

As an engineer and business owner I like things that are logical and based on science. I decided to start this website containing this collection of ideas, information and tools for one simple reason: I wish I had found them all in one place twenty years ago myself.

In these pages I hope to show you that your intuitive abilities and our connectivity are real and that there are many ways to flex your intuitive muscle. I will also share the tools and techniques I have been using to create and maintain my own balance and calm through growing up, business highs and lows, pregnancy, birth, motherhood and more.

One thing we all learn in life is that we are stronger when we are calm. I would love to help you find your calm and most of all, I hope that Calm Beautiful You wakes up some curiosity and wonder inside you.


Let’s get started!

Why Calm Beautiful You?

I can help you with

Thriving with Anxiety & Depression 

Here in these pages I will discuss my own journey with Anxiety and how its effected me and how I have managed to thrive living with the big A:) 

One thing I know for sure is anxiety looses its hold over you when you learn what it is, "why" it is and techniques to keep your bodily systems in balance and not let them "tip" into an anxious state. The Calm Beautiful You pages can teach you ideas and techniques that help you cope and regain balance and calm. Get in touch with me if I can help.

Finding and growing your creativity & passion for life

Finding your calm and your own preferred meditation style will really help improve your creativity, ability to flow and feel joy.

The techniques we will discover in these pages can have side effects which have been shown to reduce the reactivity of the reptilian brain, increase resilience, stimulate the neocortex, as well as improve emotional intelligence.

Stress management 

Stress effects all of us at some time or another. With the right techniques you can not only manage and reduce stress, but become so self aware and in tune with your own inner guidance system that you can stop stress in its tracks before it becomes out of hand and negative. These skills are essential at work and at home.

Crazy fun family life

Family life is the most wonderful crazy trip you will ever take! One skill that benefits you and your family is your ability to find and maintain your "calm". No - actually I would say it becomes essential to be able to find your calm. The combination of the training I have been lucky enough to have in Hypnobirthing,  meditational healing, music and essential oils (and of course mothering our two wonderful boys) has given me a wide range of tools to share with you. I have to say parenting is when you most need a full tool kit to keep the family wheels turning smoothly. You also benefit hugely from quick 20 minutes sessions the recharge your batteries fast and effectively, time has never been more precious than when you are a mum or a dad and I can show you how to maximise those relaxation minutes for maximum results :) Calm parent = Calm kids (more or less :)

Management of illness and symptoms

We know Prevention is better than cure. We are complex emotional, physical and spiritual beings who are connected and need to be connected to each other. It's becoming more and more known and accepted in the scientific and medical community that a holistic approach is 100% necessary for lasting and sustainable personal health. Calm Beautiful You is healthy you.


When Claire brought her son Art into the world there was an abundance of harmony, courage and patience in the room.  She birthed him with incredible grace and ease and I have no doubt that the world would be a better place if all little souls were given such a gentle beginning.




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